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Push-up sales, Contests, Premiums,etc..

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Bar programs, Happy hours


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Surveys, Signage, Set-up/Tear-down of Events,


Our promotions staff represent us to clients and consumers. This is why we try to let each person in our team know how valuable and important they are to us. We work together to reach our clients’ goals. We believe that treating people well, organization, professionalism, and empathy from our team will help us perform successfully.

"I like working for Next Step Marketing because of the camaraderie and professionalism of the work team...

"Next Step Marketing is an agency that is dedicated to taking care of its promoters...

"What I like most about Next Step Marketing is that they are characterized by being professional, responsible, punctual, transparent, organized and maintain good communication with their promoters.

We have work available throughout the entire island

THE VALUE OF Digital Marketing

Next Step Marketing is a digital marketing agency that provides innovative marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. We offer consumer sales promotions, social media marketing, email marketing, and influencer marketing services that are designed to help businesses connect with their customers and grow their business. Our team has over 25 years of experience in providing creative and effective marketing solutions, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success.

we are NEXT STEP marketing


Next Step Marketing started in the summer of 1995 with the goal of providing innovative promotion and marketing services.


Our Values

We believe
in creativity – “think outside of the box”

We believe
in teamwork – “it takes teamwork to make the dream work”

We believe
in partnerships – long-term relationships and deep collaboration with our clients and suppliers

We believe
in commitment – earn the trust of others

We believe
in integrity – to do what is right and act honestly

We believe
in the simple – not the complex!

We believe
in a culture of continuous improvement ∞

Contact us to plan your Next Step

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest, we will be contacting you very soon.

With more than 25 years of experience, we consider ourselves partners to our clients, many of whom have trusted our services from the start.

Empacadora Hill Brothers

They have trusted us with their promotional projects for more than 20 years.

Méndez & Co.

We have provided promotion services for their different alcoholic beverages brands...

CG! Strategic Brand Activations

We’ve worked on countless brands together.

Marifé Méndez:
Tel: 787-383-9140

Angel "Rafa" Díaz :
Tel:  787-383-5359

Yolimar Santana:
Tel: 787-675-3011

Mariaisabel Sosa:
Tel: 787-383-5360

Some brands we have worked with

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