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About Next Step Marketing

We are an integrated marketing agency aiming to provide innovative services that reach each project’s objectives and goals.

Our Story

Next Step Marketing started in the summer of 1995 with the goal of providing innovative promotion and marketing services. Like many agencies dedicated mainly to promotions, we started out in a small space, a driveway, and gained our clients’ trust by providing excellent service, something that has let us be in the market for more than 25 years and made us a successful and well-known agency in Puerto Rico. Striving to always be at the forefront, we have recently incorporated digital marketing services:  digital sales promotions; influencer marketing; social media marketing.

Our Clients

With more than 25 years of experience, we consider ourselves partners to our clients, many of whom have trusted our services from the start.

  • VAPR Federal Credit Union is one of them, and we have worked with them for more than 20 years as consultants in all their marketing strategies (promotion, advertising, public relations, social media, etc.)

  • Empacadora Hill Brothers is another one of our clients — they have trusted us with their promotional projects for more than 20 years. Product launches, on-trade promotions, and special events are just some of the services that we offer them.

  • Distributors are an important commercial force in Puerto Rico, and Méndez & Co. is one of the main beverage and provisions distributors. We have provided promotion services for their different alcoholic beverages brands, we have also assisted in the development of promotional strategies, exhibits, productions, events, and bar programs.

  • Working as partners alongside our clients is our passion. We’ve worked on countless brands together with CG! Strategic Brand Activations, by executing activations they developed. The projects we’ve worked on together include surveys, brand ambassadors, product sampling, contests, event production, among others.

It has been many years of service, during which we have collaborated with many brands and clients.
Our Clients
Our Clients

About our founder and CEO

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